Our Story

Taking the Filipinana to a higher standard, weaving traditional and modern, and bringing Filipino creativity to the forefront — this is TYGIE. With decades of experience in the fashion industry, Tygie introduces Filipina Wear: hand-made pieces by Filipino craftsmen with intricate sewing and beadwork every modern Filipina can wear every day and which celebrates the dignity and respect she rightfully deserves. 

Teodora “TG” Gonzales, during her younger years spent time at her aunt’s humble "patahian" boutique watching "mananahis" pedal through sewing machines. Day in and out, she’d sit in empty machines moving the pedals, wondering if she could learn to do the same. Time came, she was asked if she wanted to help out. She shyly nods.

With a fascination for the Filipiniana Terno gowns, TG started working on her own concepts and offered sample pieces for the boutique. She was called back the very same day, having been told her designs sold out even before afternoon. Since then, she was inspired to make more, getting into intricate embroideries, and perfecting various cuts and styles.

TG—later becoming known as “Tygie”—humbly took on the hard work until the demand for “Tygie Designs” grew so high, she extended her family home into what is now the Tygie Factory. She pursued partnerships with locals and natives, sourcing out talent and natural fabrics from all over the Philippines.

Tygie’s passion for Filipinianas never fizzled out. For more than 20 years, it was always evident that no matter who you are or wherever you came from, wearing a Filipiniana becomes uplifting— “kung suot mo ito, karespe-respeto ka, kagalang galang ka” (whenever you wear one, you are dignified and respectable).

To date, Tygie’s vision continues with a purpose to dress every Filipina with the dignity and beauty that comes with wearing our Filipiniana.

For Tygie, the Filipiniana was never just a costume, it is Filipina Wear..