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The Filipiniana Barong for All Ages

by Ayam

Anyone can enjoy a Filipiniana barong. The Barong Tagalog is also known as a barong. For the longest time, this garment was only worn by males. It’s considered as the national dress of the Philippines. It’s a lightweight piece and is worn untucked over an undershirt. In our culture, it’s used as formal wear for most events. Before, it wasn’t a trend for women to wear a barong. This may be due to constricted gender norms imposed by society. Nowadays, you can find a multitude of genders and ages enjoying the elegance of a modernized barong Tagalog. 

It’s easy to see why. You can find a multitude of designs and colors that can appeal to all ages. Many designers still incorporate traditional textiles to achieve a traditional look but you can also find a blend of different textiles that create a unique design. Filipino designers really show the heart and passion they have for the country through these modernized garments. The unique blend of the past and future challenges all norms, especially age. 

The barong used to be considered too formal or too old-fashioned. This point of view was mostly associated with the youth. It was considered to be a costume but this was simply because the youth did not understand the grandeur and cultural significance of the national dress of the Philippines. Over the years, as designers began to bring more trendy colors and designs, more people learned to appreciate the traditional silhouette. 

Still, many were reluctant to try wearing a Filipiniana barong. It wasn’t the optimal choice to wear as foreign designs were much more preferred. This may be due to the saturation of local and international media which only concentrate on westernized garments for various ages and genders. Even in the past, Filipinos were influenced to accommodate western ideas due to our history with colonization. It’s very refreshing to see more people of all ages appreciating traditional clothing. 

The barong symbolizes many things for many people. Historically, it was a symbol of the separation of the natives and the rich. It was even a symbol of combined western and Filipino culture. It has become romanticized by the surge of Europeans in the Philippines. It has also served as a symbol of Tagalog independence. It’s a lot of things for many people and that’s what makes this garment special to our culture. 

Today, let’s explore how you can make your Filipiniana barong work for all ages. 

New Perspectives on Barongs with Tygie

Tygie is a revolutionary brand that aims to redefine this cultural attire. The brand wants everyone, no matter what race, age, or gender, to feel and look their best. It’s sure to bring dignity and respect to anyone who wears their garments. It’s an interpretation and heartfelt representation of the designs of the past being incorporated with the present. 

The brand was created by Teodora “Tygie” Gonzalez. At a young age, she always had a keen interest in textiles and garment construction due to her spending much of her youth in her uncle’s tailor shop. She would often grab scrap fabric and sew them together for her own leisure until she was taught how to operate a sewing machine. Their shops mostly catered to office uniforms, while Teodora worked on Filipiniana designs on the side. More people approached her because of her skill in creating these designs.

With years of practice and experience, she accumulated a deep understanding and passion for Filipiniana barongs and gowns. Tygie’s goal is to share these with everyone. Why shouldn’t you incorporate traditional design with modern details? To be able to keep up with the future, everyone should be able to embrace change. Tygie understands that in order to appeal to the new generation, you have to embrace change. They believe that using traditional textiles is the key to showing, putting, using local products and talent to become one of the pioneers of the fashion industry. 

Diversity is the key selling point for Tygie. Deep-rooted confidence comes from forgetting what other people say and embracing your inner beauty and showing it off through unique fashion choices. It’s looking past the norm and embracing who you want to be. You can still look stylish while remaining comfortable, epitomizing the true Filipino beauty. 

The Barong as A Symbol of the Filipino People

Why is the Barong the national garment of the Philippines? It’s a myth to associate the barong as a way to oppress and control Filipinos. The barong has been worn by many Filipinos, even before the colonization of the Spanish. The earliest depiction of a barong being worn by Tagalog natives in Luzon when the Philippines was still called Mai-i. 

Over time and many generations later, the barong was worn by Filipinos of many ranks and classes. It has since then evolved into a variety of looks and designs due to various influences from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Spain. After the war, during the 1950s, the Philippines and the United States finished a long and tedious war against Japan. The relationship between the two allied countries since then has flourished and grown closer. This also exposed many Filipinos to American Culture and American clothing. Many Filipinos soon started to favor the western clothing style from the United States. Prior to President Magsaysay’s term, you could find previous presidents wearing suits and tuxedos over barongs. 

President Magsaysay wore a Barong Tagalog during his oath-taking ceremony. Since then, he has made it a habit to regularly wear a barong to official and personal meetings. His efforts made the barong a fashionable choice for business and formal attire. 

The barong is so popular that it gave birth to many barong designs. One of the designs, called Pechera, was derived from the Spanish word that directly means “shirtfront”. It’s a simple design with relaxed embellishments. Pechera designs have simple patterns on the front panel that resemble a U, I, or V, with little to no scattered embroidered embellishments on the sleeves and back panels.

Raya is another word derived from Spanish. It simply means “stripe”. It’s a balanced design with extra embellishments. The pattern of stripes is extended from the front of the sleeves heading towards the back panel. 

You may be familiar with the word Batok. It means nape in Filipino if you’re unaware. It’s a design with patterns that are extended towards the shoulders, upper back, and upper sleeves. 

There are three design classifications for the patterns you can find for your barong. Your Filipiniana barongs can use these traditional designs to form the perfect mesh of a modern and classic aesthetic. Traditional patterns usually have a firm representation of reality. The dominant designs are derived from real life objects that are then incorporated into the garment using expert thread work and embroidery. The other details are usually done by hand. 

Ethnic patterns use motifs and patterns from indigenous communities and tribal culture. These designs are usually abstract and geometric and predominantly consist of straight lines and polygons that are made with ethnic embroidery.

Modern patterns are geometric abstract designs with straight lines and polygons similar to ethnic patterns with the addition of curved lines and shapes such as spirals, arcs, and circles. 

The Significance of the Filipiniana Barong

In this much more modern age, where does the Filipiniana barong fit in all this? This barong is now readily available to enjoy for all ages. It’s time to move on from old ideas and norms. It’s time to head towards a more accepting and open-minded world. Fashion has no age restrictions. That’s the beauty of the modern barong, there is no age limit when it comes to looking fashionable, elegant and dignified. 

People of all ages can wear this piece of history anytime. You can once again stand out above the others, against all the tuxedos and suits with a beautifully designed barong. You’ll be stepping out of the box and establishing yourself as a powerful figure in your event while looking timeless, not old. It’s amazing what the right clothing can do for anyone. It can bring out inner confidence that never existed before or releases the inner beauty of your personality. It’s a tactile experience wearing the best of the best, which can change your overall energy and vibe. 

The Filipiniana barong is more significant now than ever. It has the visual flair of a traditional barong that can be worn by any age or gender. It’s a fashion-forward statement that is guaranteed to turn heads. 

How You Can Wear the Barong No Matter What Age

How can you wear and style your barong? It’s very easy to achieve a unique look no matter what age group you belong to. To better understand how you can style yourself, let’s break it down to age groups. 

  • Teens

For teens, it’s best to keep it laid back and casual. For special events, you can pair it with a pair of slacks with slimmer fit in order to achieve a modern profile. Boxy pants can give off an old fashioned look, but with a slim fit pair of slacks, it can become much more stylish. Wear a crisp white undershirt and pair it with a decorative brooch for additional style. 

For girls, it’s easy to incorporate a barong for special events. Try out vertical patterned pants or skirts to add interest and texture to the whole look. Girls can choose plain white camisas or solid colors to add complement the design of the barong. For footwear, flats keep everything youthful. Perfectly age appropriate for all occasions.

Teens can enjoy using all kinds of colors that are bright and bold. Statement earrings are a fun way to add a splash of color but also to keep everything youthful. 

  • Adult

Adults can fully enjoy the barong. For any occasion, you can go as simple or as elaborate as you want. All you have to do is change up the pattern, bottoms, and shoes. It’s advisable to choose the undergarment white to keep everything appropriately mature. 

If you’re a fan of solid tones for your pants or skirt, you can fully use interesting jewel tones to make a bold statement. Instead of using dress shoes, you can still keep it laid back with loafers and boat shoes. The ladies can get creative and go all out on the footwear, with a variety of wedges and heels to choose from. 

Accessories can come in a variety of textures and patterns. Try out ethnic colors and designs to complement your barong pattern. Men can use gold watches or jewelry that can promise a mature and masculine look. 

  • Elders

Elders can get the best of both worlds with the artfully mixed modern and timeless designs. If you could choose any age group to pull the barong off, it would be the elders. You can put in all the effort and still achieve a timeless look and style. Add color to your undershirt to keep everything youthful and stylish. For footwear, ladies can wear elegant kitten heels to add height while still remaining comfortable. Men can also sport dress shoes in different colors aside from brown and black for a splash of color. 

For accessories, keep it subtle by using classic jewelry and watches in silver. It can still remain elegant and youthful without going over the top with the right accessories. Being simple is the best way to exude your personal style in a subtle and elegant manner. 


The Barong of the People with Tygie 

Whether it’s a Filipiniana gown or otherwise, Tygie is ready to bring you only the best designs for all your traditional and modern needs. Our brand makes sure to use all of the traditional materials to create a unique blend for all the Filipino garments in our catalog. 

With a wide selection of barong for women, you can use our designs for everyday or special events, any time of the year. It’s made from the best quality so you can pass down the memories to your loved ones. It’s an investment in the present that you can make for the future. Click here to contact us or check out our catalog to get your own Filipiniana barong for any occasion!


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