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Tips to Match Outfits with Your Girl Friends

by joshApril 3, 2020
friends wearing the same outfit

What are some tips to match your outfits with your girlfriends?

  1. Wear matching shoes
  2. Mix and match the same color palette
  3. Opt for the same style
  4. Wear similar accessories
  5. Dress in all-black


Whether you’re simply going to your girl friends’ house or prepping for a long day of activities outside, one of the most important things to consider is the outfit you and your friends are wearing. Ultimately your friends would love it better if you’re wearing coordinated outfits. If you’re not really aware of tips to match outfits, then you don’t need to worry — they’re fairly easy to follow and will help you develop a burst of creativity.

Undoubtedly, the most common notion when it comes to coordinating outfits, is that all of you are wearing the shades of the same color with every piece of clothing identical to one another. While this isn’t necessarily a fashion crime, it may eventually come off as bland and unimaginative.

There are many other ways in which you and your friends can have matching outfits. Continue reading to learn more about the art of coordinated clothing.


Wear matching shoes

This may not necessarily be the most complicated way of wearing matching clothes with your friends, but this can definitely create a striking mood wherever you go.

Wearing matching shoes with your friends is perfect especially if they and you have just recently bought a fresh new pair of kicks. It’s even better if you’ve brought similar colors, or shoes in similar styles. For example, a pristine pair of white, high-top and lace-up sneakers would just as easily go along with low-cut shoes which can come in a different color. You and your friends may enhance the style by wearing medium-length socks designed in the same pattern.
Wearing matching shoes is a simple, and not too “in-your-face” way of outfit coordination. This can also work with sneakers, sandals, or whatever footwear of your choice.


Mix and match the same color palette

friends wearing matching sweater

Another creative way of having matching outfits with your friends is by mixing and matching articles of clothing in the same color palettes. As mentioned before, this is a breakaway from the traditional homogenous practice of wearing all-white, or all-pink for example. It takes much more effort and creativity, but it is definitely well worth the effort.

To better illustrate how you can do this, you should first think about a color palette that you would want to wear with your friends. Let’s say you choose a brown pastel for the palette. When you’ve decided to wear a pair of light brown slacks, you can also subsequently encourage your friends to wear a semi-turtleneck in a darker brown pastel shade. If you want to go for a denim jacket, you could always have your friend wear a pair of old, but trusty ripped jeans.


Opt for the same style

Wearing matching clothing doesn’t necessarily have to involve pieces of clothing in similar designs, colors, and the like. Sometimes it can be as simple, yet highly-appealing, as opting for the same style.

A rugged style is always one of the easiest to replicate in whatever form. Say you’re wearing a simple white crop-top shirt with some light and colorful stripe design. You can combine this with a pair of loose, folded jeans, as well as some old speakers for the footwear.

Your friend can take this style up another notch by wearing their own version of a rugged style. They could simply wear a plain white tank top coupled with ripped jeans. They’re not even required to wear the same kind of shoes as you. They could go for some fashionable combat boots which work well with the style.


Wear similar accessories

friends wearing sunglasses

You might think that accessories are too small to create an impact with regards to the clothing you wear, but the opposite is true. Wearing identical accessories goes a long way in allowing you and your friend to achieve a perfectly coordinated look.

The best advice when it comes to accessories is that you shouldn’t adorn too many of them, inevitably allowing them to overpower the rest of your outfit. The accessories you wear are simply meant to add a striking, yet complementing look to the entirety of you and your friends’ clothing ensemble.

Though there are many accessories you can use, you can begin by wearing the same kind of dangling earrings. You could also wear similar stud earrings. Whichever kind you choose, your coordinated style will definitely be amplified.


Dress in all-black

Dressing in all-black seems counterintuitive to what you might have read so far, but it would do you well to note that black works best for any kind of casual occasion, or gathering. Furthermore, no day is a good reason to wear black than every day.

By coordinating an all-black outfit with your friend, creativity should be at the fore. For example, they could style themselves up with a leather jacket, plain loose tee, leather belt, leather jeans, and velvet boots – all in the color of black. You, on the other hand, can for a simple black pullover, skinny jeans, and black high-top sneakers.


Key Takeaway

One timeless advice for wearing coordinated outfits with your friends is that you have to get creative. You don’t really have to abide by traditional coordinated outfit ideas, like wearing the exact same color. Sometimes, coming up with the best-looking match is as simple as wearing the same accessories, or wearing similar footwear.

Nevertheless, these tips to match outfits can surely help you branch out with your own, original ideas.

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