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Stylish Ways to Wear a Mestiza Bolero

by joshNovember 6, 2019
woman wearing dress

What are the stylish ways to wear a mestiza bolero?

  1. Wear it with tube tops
  2. Layer it with button-down long sleeve tops
  3. Pair it with empire-waist pants
  4. Throw it over a bodycon midi dress
  5. Wear it on top of a Sunday dress


Have you had a bolero sitting in your closet for years because you are clueless about how to style it? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place.

Are you wondering if it is still trendy? For sure! Boleros have never gone out of style. They are just constantly revamped to fit the present fashion trend. Since the rise of the modern Filipiniana outfit, boleros have made their way into the limelight. However, they are not only for aesthetic purposes. They are also very functional. If you are wearing a spaghetti strap dress and want to have additional coverage around your shoulders, toss a bolero on top of your outfit. Is the weather not too humid and not extremely cold? Simply cover yourself up with a bolero to warm your shoulders.

As much as boleros are worn on formal occasions, you can also pair it with a simple outfit. Be ahead of the trend or be one of the first to relive old, classic fashion with these stylish ways to wear a mestiza bolero.


Wear It With Tube Tops

woman wearing tube top and shorts

If it is too hot outside for a jacket yet too breezy for just a tube top, perhaps what you need is a bolero. The cropped style allows for some air to pass through to cool you down. If you are looking for more of a coverup, a bolero remains a convenient option. Boleros can make a simple tube top outfit look very chic and modest.


Layer It With Button-Down Long Sleeve Tops

Skeptical if boleros can be used to layer your clothes? Try pairing it with a long-sleeved button-down. Pull the collars out so that it sits on top. You will see that a bolero can be used to add character to your whole outfit. The effect this develops looks effortless yet extremely modish. Wear a bolero and button-down combination with either shorts, leather pants, or a skirt.


Pair It With Empire-Waist Pants

Since boleros are short and do not go past the waistline, pairing them with empire-waist pants will make you look even taller. Empire-waist are head-turning pieces that go high up past the navel. These types of pants are worn by individuals with long torsos and short legs. Make your torso look shorter and establish broader shoulders by choosing to wear a bolero on top of empire-waist pants.


Throw It Over a Bodycon Midi Dress

woman wearing contoured dress

A nice trick to show off your curves and at the same time look demure is to wear a body contour midi dress with a bolero on top. While shawls can do magic when worn on top of a body-hugging dress, they restrict shoulder movements and can cover the upper part of the design. Choose to wear a bolero that complements your dress instead. Whichever color, print, or texture you choose, the whole outfit will definitely make your figure stand out.


Wear It On Top of A Sunday Dress

Are you looking for more ways to spruce up your Sunday dress? Wear a bolero on top to make the outfit a little exciting yet still appropriate for the mass celebration. Do you have a dress that complies with the knee-length requirement yet has a revealing top? Cover it up with a bolero. With a cropped bolero, you never have to worry about keeping cool inside the church.


Key Takeaway

A bolero presents an alternative to shawls, jackets, and cardigans. They make your outfit look dressier and at the same time cover you up from the chilly air. Boleros are also functional pieces. They are a great addition to any well-rounded outfit and provide a touch of formality to a rugged one. Whether you are attending a formal event or having a dinner date with your girlfriends, choose to purchase a bolero from well-known tailors of modern Filipinana outfits. They can provide you with a wide variety of locally made and designed timeless boleros.

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