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Ways To Wear a Side-slit Skirt For Different Occasions

by joshDecember 23, 2019
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What are some ways to wear a side-slit skirt?

  1. For Corporate Gatherings
  2. At High School Promenade
  3. During College Reunions
  4. At an Awarding Ceremony
  5. For Fine-Dining Dinner Dates


Slits are the perfect skirt to show off skin while still looking demure and flattering! Many women wear slit skirts because of the care-free look the bottom provides. Despite being easy to wear and style for every occasion, there is a trick to wearing slit skirts. It shows only what you want to show off. The last thing you want is to walk down the aisle or at the mall with a wardrobe malfunction. With that, here are some tips for styling your side-slit skirt.


For Corporate Gatherings

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Rule number one when it comes to corporate gatherings is to keep the bare skin to a minimum. Show off your skin in most gatherings, but let a corporate event be an exception.

Choose a skirt that has a slit on the side to prevent showing off the legs excessively. A side-slit skirt would perfectly match the blazer, no matter the waistline.

For high-waisted side-slit skirts, a cropped bolero or blazer will not only flatter the legs on the side but also the curves of the body. The strong silhouette that blazers exude would give the entire outfit a demure yet authoritative look.

As a final note, slits are generally not suitable for corporate gatherings. However, finding the right hemline length and modest slit can make the side-slit skirt more wearable for formal occasions.


At High School Promenade

The ankle-length front-slit skirt is perfect for junior and senior promenades. The silky and flowing structure of the Shantung-made Dani skirt goes suitably well with any type of top.

Regardless of the fabric and the color, an ankle-length slit skirt in white or black will definitely combine seamlessly with long-sleeved, off-shoulder, Sabrina, one-side or tube tops. The front slit of the skirt is long enough to abide by the school dress code regulations of the promenade.

For a final note, wear a Filipiniana-inspired cropped top in cream or nude. Complete the look with pearl earrings and hair up in a bun for an effortless look. Finally, wear slingback stilettos that are comfortable for dancing the night away!


During College Reunions

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College reunions are typically celebrated at a function hall, hotel ballroom, or at the school premises. Often, student council members during your time or active alumni members are the ones responsible for organizing the event.

A college reunion is somewhat of a formal occasion. Wearing a side-slit or front-slit skirt is a way to show off your voluptuous curves while remaining reserved at the same time.

While college reunions are considered formal events, you do not have to cover up like when attending a corporate event. At the reunion, you will have the liberty to flaunt the skin you are comfortable showing off.

Wear a cropped bolero with a tube top and Camisa chino underneath and doll shoes, sandals and slingback chunky heels.


At an Awarding Ceremony

Attending the awarding ceremony means guests are either coming in cocktail dresses or formal wear. In the middle of the spectrum of party-ready and formal-ready clothing are the side-slit and front-slit skirts. They are versatile pieces that can adapt to any occasion, depending on the tops and footwear choices.

Most awarding ceremonies are themed. With that, choosing a front-slit skirt in silky, flowy, black or white shade exudes your serious yet meek side. Get ready to receive that award at your office recognition ceremony with your legs showing off as Angelina Jolie did at the Oscars.


For Dinner Dates

Sweet couple having a romantic dinner at luxury kitchen

Fine-dining dinner dates refer to cruise ship dinners where the most expensive champagne is popped, rooftop or penthouse dining with a picture-perfect view of the skyline, or an opulent 12-course meal at a luxury restaurant.

These special and lavish dining locations call for semi-formal attire. A front-slit or side-slit skirt will make you feel comfortable and at the same time look elegant and polished. For dinner dates, it is suitable to wear décolleté or dressy tops.

If you choose to wear tops that show some skin, it is best to bring along with you a shawl or bolero. You can never tell when the ambient temperature becomes too cold. While it is romantic to warm yourself using your partner’s suit jacket, having your own coverup will maintain the glamour of your outfit.


Key Takeaway

Want to add a little sexiness to your outfit for every special occasion? Slip-on a side slit-skirt printed with ethnic patterns for a quirky look or a be dressed in silky and flowy front-slit skirts made of Shantung fabric.

These skirts are versatile and adapt seamlessly and easily when combined with accessories and tops. Follow these side-slit skirt styling tips and be open to changing up some styles to suit your silhouette and mood goals. Depending on the location of the special occasion, as well as the purpose of the event, you can turn the front-slit skirt into formal wear or for glamor and posh dinner dates.

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