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Regal Makeup Ideas That Will Match Your Filipiniana Outfit

by joshJanuary 15, 2020
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What are some regal makeup ideas that match a Filipiniana outfit?

  1. Evening or Smokey Makeup Look
  2. Bridal and Soft Makeup Look
  3. Celebrity or Shimmer Makeup Look
  4. Anti-aging Makeup Look

If you recently fell in love with Filipino-inspired outfits or acquired a Filipiniana gown for an event, here are some regal makeup ideas you can use to match your look. From bold evening looks to anti-aging makeup tips, learn which styles coordinate well with your outfit and your activities for the day.


Evening or Smokey Makeup Look

Portrait of beautiful woman with stylish makeup

If you are attending evening events, add shimmer and glitter to your make up look. Nighttime is not the time to go au naturel. Use shades of brown, blue, purple, with gold accents for your eyes. Match the strong eye look with a toned-down lipstick for a simple appearance or go bold with a dark shade.

Since evening events are held at locations with dim lights, contouring and bronzing should be done a little extra than usual. Apart from bronzers, make use of illuminators to brighten the shadows and facial flows. Illuminators on your jaws and undereye make you glow more. In addition, striking colors and shades are a classic way to achieve a strong evening makeup look. Play up your eyes and lips. Accentuate both features and maximize style.


Bridal and Soft Makeup Look

Charming blonde bride with curls and shiny skin poses in white s

Dewy, matte, glossy skin, nude lipstick, and flushed cheeks are the common looks that most brides go for. A soft makeup look for brides is the opposite of an evening look. Evening makeup will allow you to swipe double layers of contour stick. While one swipe or none at all is needed for a bridal look.

If you wish to wear smokey eyes, going for a lighter shade of lipstick should tone down the entire bridal look. Use a black liner to achieve a natural smokey eye. Complete the entire look with gold or silver highlighter and glossy pinkish nude lips. For a romantic, soft, and timeless look, go for a mineral powder in rosy tint or peachy pink for your cheeks. Top off the look with lipstick in the same shade.


Celebrity or Shimmer Makeup Look

Beautiful woman in dress

The shimmery look is the typical Hollywood style. Celebrity makeup looks mean plenty of cream highlighters, glitter, and lots of shimmer. Since Hollywood celebrities pose for a lot of cameras during events, adding shimmer and a little glitter can make them look sparkling. While glitz and glam are tantamount to the Hollywood scene, celebrities are starting to go for more colorful looks to welcome in the new year.

With colored mascara and vibrant eyeliner, the scene is constantly shifting to brighter and quirkier make-up looks. With that, go for colored wings and gold glitter to balance style and texture. Give a hint of warm sparkle with cat-eye tips; use a colored upper lash for a doll-like look. Whether you are attending an evening event or lunch party, you can never go wrong with a celebrity makeup look.


Anti-aging Makeup Look

Makeup is magic. With a stoke of foundation and a dot of concealer, you can cover up undesirable marks of aging. Moreover, it can minimize the appearance of pores, smooth the fine lines, and make dull, pale skin appear more radiant. Here are some anti-aging make-up tips to look younger.


Keep eye makeup minimal

Soft grey, warm tones of brown, and liquid liner can give your face a more natural yet camera-ready look. Prime and prep your eyelids with a primer or neutral-toned powder to elaborately cover the lines before putting on light eyeshadow.


Add layers of mascara

We all know putting mascara on the upper lash opens the eyes more. The more open your eyes are, the younger and livelier you look. Adding a couple more volumizing mascara can make a huge difference.


Swap your blush for bronzer

Bronzer can give the skin a warmer and healthier complexion. Swap your blush for one or minimize the tint you use on your cheeks and nose. Stay away from peach or orange hues and pink formulas.


Wear high-quality and high-definition primer

Foundations and concealers work similarly on the skin. They cover dark spots and other marks on the skin. Yet with a high definition primer, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles are completely covered. Primers act like veils, which can give the illusion of a more youthful complexion.


Key Takeaway

With these regal makeup ideas that help you decide which look to go for, you can never be out on the streets getting caught unpolished. Choose the right makeup look depending on your Filipiniana-inspired outfit for the day and the activity you are planning to engage in. On a final note, go extra bold if you are going for a strong look and add more strokes for a natural look.

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