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How a Femme Fashion Brand with Queer-Leaning Styles Helps Unite the LGBT Community

by joshMarch 11, 2020
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How does queer fashion unite the LGBT community?

  1. Provides definition to one’s identity
  2. Breaks gender barriers
  3. Transforms the psyches
  4. An outfit tells a story


Dressing up is one way in which individuals learn to live in their own bodies and feel at home in them. All cultures would dictate that people ‘dress’ the body in some way. It can be through the choice of clothing, ink tattooing, cosmetics or other forms of body painting like Henna tattooing. To put it simply, no culture leaves the body unadorned. The LGBT community takes pride in embellishing, enhancing, and decorating the body. Take a look at some of the reasons why queer fashion in the LGBT community can unite an unwavering union of unique individuals.


Provides Definition to One’s Identity

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Not a trend, neither is it fashion.” This is an arguing statement that most queer people would begin with to educate others about the way they dress. “Eccentric” and “unconventional” are also adjectives that may or may not satisfy the true form and definition of non-binarism in genderqueer style.

Even more so, queer style is an identity. It goes beyond the mere concept of binarism and what is normal. Genderqueer is a gender identity that cannot fit inside the simple definitions of gender roles, expression, and sexuality. A queer is queer in their own gender expression and identity.


Breaks Gender Barriers

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Genderqueer is a way of dressing. They can be seen on the streets, ads, and public places because more and more queer people are now brave enough to dress as they want, as well as how they feel. The queer is effeminate and masculine, sexy and cozy, gothic and minimalist. There will never be a point within the color spectrum that will define queer style because from the long wavelengths of the color red to shorter wavelengths, they exude and represent all colors.

Being genderqueer is being everything and at the same time nothing. This notion entails being beyond everything else. All gender stereotypes are the very definition of genderqueer. They are appropriating all common gendered things because they fit in everything. Indeed, queer style breaks the gender barriers as society and traditions labeled it. We use masculine, feminine, inclusive or neutral pronouns, as we identify with.


Transforms the Psyches

Fashion is so powerful that it can define and transform the individual from the inside. Tygie is a femme fashion brand with queer-leaning styles that helps unite the LGBT community. Empowering brands enable individuals to connect with society and their community by putting together an outfit. The concept of each design and creation enables queer people to identify which fits them the most. In reality, this concept is absent in people’s daily conversation because of society’s little understanding.


An Outfit Tells a Story

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The reality is that clothing is just as important to the overall well-being as the purpose of food. Food fuels the body and provides you the energy and ability to perform daily tasks and work. It is also a medium to celebrate seasons and festivities. With this, the clothes being worn have the same ability to transform individuals both inside and out.

One thing that many people fail to realize is that human beings are part of something larger than the individual. Through culture, food, and of course fashion, two different individuals sharing the same taste and ideas should feel like they belong within the society they currently adhere to. If there is a saying that goes “We are what we eat”, then it is also safe and appropriate to say that “We wear what we stand for.”


Key Takeaway

Celebrate the fact that fashion has the potential to connect humans in deeper and more profound ways. Queer fashion in the LGBT community celebrates the individuals that each raise their own colorful flags to educate the world that they do not belong in the color spectrum but they are the very concept of it. Allow the reason why fashion promotes unity in the queer community to understand how they dress the way they do.

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