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How To Take Insta-Worthy OOTDs With Your Local Weaves

by joshNovember 7, 2019
Female tourist looking at her camera

How can you take quality pictures with local weaves?

  1. Use natural light
  2. Observe symmetry
  3. Find the perfect background
  4. Add action to the image
  5. Take note of framing


Did you just cop new local sandals? A designer bag maybe? Or a Filipiniana dress for sale? Are you clueless about how to take great pictures like your favorite vlogger? We got you covered!

Influencers, as well as clothing and lifestyle bloggers, have perfect looking OOTDs because they follow a set of photography rules. From the rule of thirds to notes about symmetry, here are some tips for taking Instagram-worthy OOTD shots that will definitely make your followers double-tap.


Use Natural Light

Girl in white looking outside the room window

When shooting during the daytime, turning your back against the sun only captures shadows. While it establishes a dramatic effect, it does not capture the mood of the entire outfit. Take note that sunlight remains the harshest around noontime. If you plan on taking your picture during this time of the day, make sure to find a spot with diffused subtle lighting to prevent overexposure.

Moreover, wait for the “golden hour.” The golden hour is the first hour of light after sunrise or the last hour of light before sunset. It is the best time of the day to capture OOTD pictures because the lighting allows less contrast and minimizes dark shadows. The golden hour is when the sun gives off a warm color considered to enhance the colors of the scene.


Observe Symmetry

Symmetrical composition can enhance a subject. Whether you are wearing an outfit made of T’nalak created by the T’boli women or plain Hinabue clothing, choose to employ the rule of symmetry to incorporate patterns.

As the subject, you must be at the center of the vertical or horizontal symmetry. The vertical line of symmetry runs down the middle of an image from top to bottom. It is equally held true for both the left and right sides of the subject. Whereas the horizontal line of symmetry runs across the middle of an image from the left to the right, creating a mirrored-effect on the top and bottom of the picture.


Find the Perfect Background

Wild green ivy hanging on a white wall

There are no rules when it comes to looking for the ideal background. Instagram fashion gurus say the background must amplify the whole impact of the photo and not overpower the subject. If you are particularly concerned with how your profile feed looks, choose to capture OOTD shots in diverse locations. Ranging from colorful, neutral, and even natural, here are some impressive backgrounds that you might have seen your favorite blogger use.


  • Green Hedge

The raw colors of green make any local weave outfit look regal. Taking a picture with a green hedge in the background will amplify the natural and cultural design of your Filipiniana-inspired outfit of the day.

  • Brick Wall

Brick walls represent a classic background for OOTDs. The vertical and horizontal lines of brick walls make any outfit post look clean and intriguing.

  • Plaster Wall

Nothing beats a simple plaster wall for an OOTD shot. Whether you are wearing a printed shawl or a plain bolero, your outfit will surely stand out. The minimalist design of plaster walls is similar to brick walls. They both serve as an aesthetic background that allows the attention to be focused on the outfit itself.

  • The Streets

Why not try a paparazzi shot like a celebrity? Traverse the streets or walk down the sidewalk with your side-slit skirt made of shantung material. A little natural wind effect will complete the whole drama of the OOTD post.


Add Action to the Image

Do you use the same pose for all your OOTD photos? Are you tired of one knee slightly popping, looking back over the shoulder, or one leg crossed over the other? Why not try doing some candid shots? Ask your photographer to take your picture midstep or try twirling your dress made of shantung while looking back. To make your profile feed look alive, instead of using the same poses try to incorporate some action. Setting your camera to burst shots will allow you to make small movements that generate massive changes to the angle. You will be surprised by the shots it will produce.


Take Note of the Framing

Close-up of a phone taking a picture of two girl friends

Framing is essentially producing a frame within the frame. The use of framing gives a photo context. Foreground elements around the subject will give the image a story to tell. For example, a frame produced by a doorway indicates the photo was captured from the inside of a home or a room. If you merely want to flaunt your contemporary cocoon-made bolero, why not explore a historical library and use the books to frame your shot?

For framing, make sure that your outfit remains the focal point or subject of the shot. You can also observe vertical symmetry if your photographer is keen enough to seek the lines and balance.


Key Takeaway

Whether you are an aspiring lifestyle blogger or simply a fan of the Filipiniana dress for sale you copped, paying attention to the rules of photography can go a long way. From the recommended amount of natural lighting to symmetry and framing techniques, you will surely obtain the OOTD shots you have always sought for.

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