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Fashion as Comfort: How Dressing Up Heals You

by joshMarch 18, 2020
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What are the healing powers of fashion?

  1. Fashion as a means for self-expression
  2. Fashion for comfort
  3. Fashion as a cover-up
  4. Fashion as a means of escape


Every single one of us has our own way of coping whenever we find ourselves in unfavorable situations or outcomes. We may begin adopting healthy coping mechanisms such as going out to eat your favorite meal at your favorite restaurants, reading a novel, or simply taking a few minutes of your time to meditate. Some people, however, look towards other means of healing. These people are the ones who believe in the healing power of fashion and its ability to transcend time, subvert expectations, and potentially meet the subject’s emotional needs.

If you’re one of these people, then it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to become aware of such concepts as retail therapy. Though the idea is nothing novel, one cannot underestimate the positive impacts of consuming fashion, or articles of clothing in this way. Continue reading to learn more about how fashion can create a positive impact on your healing process.


Fashion as a means for self-expression

woman styling outfit

When people find themselves in difficult situations, their first reaction might be to protest their predicament. They find themselves in denial of what has happened. After they have surpassed this grieving period, they will begin to adopt ways to recover from the situation — by taking care of themselves.

Self-expression is one way of healing. What better way to express yourself than through your own personal fashion style? Though some people might not be able to understand the concept, mixing and matching your own style through clothing can positively affect your emotion. If you’re met with a situation that can make you question yourself and your identity, the ultimate goal is for you to be able to redeem this sense of self.

For example, if you consider your style to be rugged, you might begin coming up with ways of creating your new rugged style. You can opt to wear a dark-colored oversized t-shirt that you can complement with a pair of ripped denim jeans. For footwear, you can opt to wear either dark boots or a pair of canvas sneakers.

Whatever your style may be, allowing yourself to express yourself through your outerwear can greatly improve your overall mood.


Fashion for comfort

woman wearing scarf with cat

Though the idea may seem counterintuitive, a lack of fashion statement is in itself a fashion statement. When people are sometimes met with situations they cannot fully comprehend, there is a tendency for them to initially begin abandoning many of the activities they used to love doing. With this in mind, you may also find that your sense of fashion is not exempt from this idea.

Abandoning your sense of style is not entirely a horrible idea – this can open up opportunities for you to begin wearing more kinds of comfortable clothing. If, for example, you don’t really feel like going out of your house in a well-planned outfit, you may simply step outside your door wearing just a pair of loose joggers, an oversized hoodie, a pair of thick, warm socks and some sandals.

Though you may consider this getup as something lacking in style, your disheveled appearance can ultimately be something which you might find comforting.


Fashion as a cover-up

man wearing scarf drinking tea

There may be some days where we may feel even more self-conscious about our appearance. You might have a visible scar on your skin which you received back when you were still a child. Despite your best efforts of using up all kinds of makeup to hide the scar, you might find yourself unsuccessful in this endeavor. Luckily for you, you can take advantage of many pieces of clothing to hide this particular scar, if you’re feeling a little bit more exposed whenever people notice it.

If, for example, you have a massive scar on your neck which you might feel embarrassed about, you may simply roll around a scarf on it to hide the appearance. Though scars are not something you should necessarily be ashamed of, fashion can help you feel more comfortable with how your external appearance is presented to everyone around you.

With the small cover-up, you may begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin, which may also lead to you feeling a greater sense of healing through this mere piece of clothing.


Fashion as a means of escape

woman looking through her closet

Finally, another way by which fashion can help you heal is by viewing it as a means of escape.

Life can unexpectedly come at anyone without warning. We may find ourselves unprepared for the unfortunate situations that we’re experiencing. Instead of immediately confronting the problem head-on, we may begin engaging in activities to escape the situation, just for a brief moment.

Buying clothes can bring relief to our negative emotions. There is simply no other feeling like trying on an outfit that perfectly suits you and then happily purchasing that outfit with your own money. You may find yourself completely lost in such a short moment, but nevertheless, this simple act can help you uplift your spirits for the day.


Key Takeaway

More often than not, the healing power of fashion can be felt through the most basic acts. Their mere adornment of one small item of clothing can completely change the overall quality of your mood for the better.

However you choose to accessorize many of your clothing pieces to heal yourself is entirely up to you – whether it be through complicated or simple matches. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you stay true to yourself in order to get the most out of your sense of style.

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