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Finding and Defining Your Personal Style

by joshApril 7, 2020
woman poring over her wardrobe

How do you define your personal style?

  1. Find an inspiration
  2. Name your looks
  3. Take a photo
  4. Select your staple item
  5. Spot the favorites
  6. Classify the outliers
  7. Empower your style


Defining your personal style can be a tricky task to do. Fashion trends are always changing, and a wide variety of styles also keep on being added to the list. Is it possible to find the perfect fit for your own taste? This article will help you learn about the things you need to do in order to find and define your personal style.

During the process of making your own distinct image or design, there will always be specific guidelines that one can use to achieve the best result they want to have. Here are a few ways to find the exact style that will emphasize your creative side. Follow these steps and uncover the mystery of fashion and all of its refinement.


Find an Inspiration

No matter how many fashion icons you try to look up to, you will never find an exact style that will match your preference. This is why it is better to combine the ideas of people who you think are the most influential in terms of your personal taste. You can do this by researching their outfits and making sure to have a copy of the images that struck you the most. With this, you will begin to discover and make an album of the same people and these are the ones who you can always go to if you need to find inspiration.


Name Your Look

woman trying on dress

There is no harm in taking a second look at the images that you got from your research. It is best to define the characteristics of their style whether they are chic, elegant, casual, classic, formal, or bold. Choose keywords that are close to your preferences and list all of them so that you will have something to refer to in the future. These descriptions will serve as your guide in order to help you redefine and hone your style.


Take a Photo

Nothing beats the feeling of going out and wearing the most fashionable clothes that you have in your closet. Whether you are going on a date or just a regular day at the office, always take a photo during moments like this so that you can use it in the future and recreate the same style with different items. The looks that you created at that time are the ones that reflect your own distinct taste and can be an inspiration for other designs.


Select Your Staple Item

woman wearing pearl earring and neclace

Some celebrities use statement bags, cropped tops, high heels, or cat-eye shaped eyeglasses as their staple item which contributes to the personal style that they have. In your case, a simple pearl earring or any piece of jewelry can be your signature item, for example. It does not have to be only one item, either. You can go for two or three items as long as you do not go overboard and wear garments excessively.


Spot Your Favorites

Do your jackets or hoodies take up too much space in your closet? If you have more of these compared to the other items like spaghetti straps and skirts, then it means that you often buy them maybe because you think that jackets or hoodies are more convenient to wear and it sparks joy for you. There is nothing wrong if you have too many of these items as long as they complement and fit your own personal style.


Classify the Outliers

woman in floaral dress wearing hat

Once you go over your clothes, you will find that certain items may look different from the rest of your closet. It could be a floral dress along with a series of plain light-colored long sleeves that you usually wear. This signifies that the floral dress is a type of fashion that you think is great but you haven’t really decided if you will wear it or not. These types of items can be helpful if you want to change your style or if you are leaning towards designs that are more suited for the new look you want to achieve.


Empower Your Style

People will find your style unique and beautiful. They may have seen you dress elegantly, or your sophisticated heels or any outfit that really looks good on you on any special or normal day. You have to discover which clothes are often used by other ladies to feel and show that we are strong and independent.


Key Takeaway

The only person that will help you in defining your personal style is you. Believe in yourself and always have a positive mindset about the style that you want to go for. You might think of what other people will say when they see your look but at the end of the day, if you have already redefined and found your preferred taste, their opinions will not affect your decisions when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit to wear.

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