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4 Must-Have Blazers For Any Occasion

by joshDecember 6, 2019
beautiful woman wearing tube top and white sleeveless blazer

What blazers should you have for any occasion?

  1. Glaze: Cropped Blazer
  2. Aziela: Long Sleeveless Blazer
  3. Organza: Embellished Blazer
  4. Loren: Short-Sleeve Blazer


Blazers originated way back in 1800s and have evolved through the years. Locally, Tygie has been redesigning corporate wear like blazers to suit the needs of every versatile and fashion-forward Filipina as well as to celebrate the traditional terno.

Ever since Filipino designers brought the baro’t saya and barong Tagalog back into the local fashion scene, the Filipiniana top has been constantly modernized to fit current clothing trends. With a blazer made of local cocoon or organza coordinated with a Filipiniana top and power-tripping bottoms, a whole new version of the baro’t saya is born.


Glaze: Cropped Blazer

woman wearing gold yellow blazer

A cropped blazer is basically the same cut as a cropped jacket. The hemline is waist-length or higher. These blazers come in varying sleeve lengths: long sleeves, three-quarter-length-sleeves or cap sleeves.

Regardless of whether there is a collar or none, the important features remain above the hemline. Any length lower down the waist is not considered to be a cropped blazer.

The ethnic-printed Glaze cropped blazer has three-quarter-length sleeves. This type of blazer can be worn at any event. It can look casual when paired with empire-waist jeans and professional when worn on top of a corporate dress.

Cropped blazers are generally easy and flexible to style. It is suitable for any type of bottom or dress — bell bottoms, ripped cigarette jeans, skaters or pleated skirts, and tube dresses. The prints are versatile and would coordinate with any type of jewelry or accessories like bags and shoes. Since black is the dominant color of the Glaze cropped blazer, it is easier to pair it with dark shades of red, blue, and even green.


Aziela: Long Sleeveless Blazer

woman wearing tube top and white sleeveless blazer

Classic blazers are every girl’s wardrobe staple, but what happens when the weather calls for something breezy and carefree? This is the part when the sleeveless blazer comes in.

Sleeveless blazers have been referred to as vests or waistcoats. The vest label did not last long due to the confusion it creates between the fisherman’s vest with numerous pockets. It was only recently that fashion-forward influencers started calling it a sleeveless blazer.

The beige Aziela long sleeveless blazer is created for boss women who like to keep their outfits professional yet carefree. The blazer flows down to the top of the inner calf. They are typically worn on top of any sleeveless garment to cover up some skin around the shoulder blades. Aziela is also suitable for shorter dresses to cover a little skin.


Organza: Embellished Blazer

woman wearing see through painted blazer

The embellished blazer consists of intricate designs and prints. Most of the time, the embellishments are floral in design. Beadwork is embroidered at the sleeves, the collar, and down to the sides. The sleeves can be the normal full length or three-quarter-length sleeves. The embellished blazer is like a regular blazer except there are embroideries.

The Organza embellished blazer is not your average blazer. It is uniquely-made to mimic the puffy butterfly sleeves with hand-painted bright florals. The blazer is quite see-through which allows the inner clothing to still have a share of the limelight. A sultry dress can turn into something elegant with the Organza embellished blazer on top.


Loren: Short-Sleeve Blazer

woman wearing white blazer red background

As the name suggests, the short-sleeve blazer’s sleeves reach no longer than below the elbow. They are usually worn as corporate attire and coordinated with bottoms of the same color and texture. Typically, women would wear this attire in the office during non-special days. The short sleeves entail casual which is not appropriate for formal settings.

For a twist, the short sleeve blazer was redesigned to adapt the butterfly sleeves of a modern Filipininana or baro’t saya. The beige organza Loren short sleeve blazer creates a perfect combination of colorful and printed bottoms. The Loren blazer is designed to be versatile and suit any type of occasion. Regardless of whether you need to dress down with jeans or dress up with a formal corporate dress, the blazer will instantly adapt to the purpose.


Key Takeaway

Be the lady boss that you are and power dress with a local blazer tossed over your Filipiniana top. Moreover, embody the local culture of power dressing and inspire others to do the same. Revamp your closet with sleeveless, short-sleeve, and embellished blazers inspired by the traditional baro’t saya.

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