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Evolution of Power Dressing in The Philippines

by joshNovember 5, 2019

How has power dressing in the Philippines evolved?

  1. Embodying the local culture of power dressing
  2. Breaking fashion stereotypes
  3. Recreating the modern woman


To look presentable and pleasing, many women turn to American-style fashion such as tweed jackets, blazers, or suit pants. While they are appropriate for the workplace, there are other ways to look regal and powerful with much respect for local culture. Take advantage of the dawn of a significant evolution in power dressing through modern Filipiniana for sale in the Philippines.

Terno fashion is gaining the attention it deserves. It has been transformed to fit modern times while continuing to showcase its original Maria Clara roots. These pieces are definitely head-turning outfits that are made to be worn on a daily basis. Be one of the Filipina women to embody the silhouette that was once worn by powerful women in the country, but now in a modern style.

Dressing up with a modernized terno is a subtle yet glorious way to express your love for the local fashion industry. Embody your true Filipina roots with toned-down butterfly sleeves, shortened trains, and flexible prints.


Embodying the Local Culture of Power Dressing

Girl in embroidered headwear

The transformation of the terno is a result of European travelers arriving in the country. The original Filipiniana dress was drastically reconstructed to create a beautiful and regal image of Maria Clara with widened sleeves, longer trains, and embellished panuelos. The new, Hispanicized look became an iconic national treasure that made the fashion world recognize its ability to highlight the power of women.

Fast forward to modern times, and some people think the transformation of the baro’t saya has been all about subtraction. Perhaps because the Maria Clara dress is too formal and only suitable for some occasions. Many would argue that in order to fully adapt its image to the current times, the dress needs to be tweaked in both size and length. To make the Filipiniana dress wearable on a daily basis, it is believed that you need to trim the trains, reduce the size of the sleeves, and integrate the panuelo into the terno.

As the younger generations start to recognize the beauty of the Filipiniana dress, they will also start to understand the symbolic power it gave to their ancestors. There have been many ways to show your patriotism throughout the years. You can be loud and proud of your brown skin color and your native language. To have an even greater impact, include a modern Filipiniana outfit inspired by the Maria Clara dress as part of your daily wear.


Breaking Fashion Stereotypes

From dressing to impress to dressing to express, the fashion-forward generation today are starting to step out of their comfort zone. This act exudes the very essence of power dressing: to be confident in your own skin.

Today, people are more aware of the different types of gender expression. With this, the one-size or one-style fits all types of fashion no longer exists. It has been replaced with the belief that clothing is a medium of self-expression.

Suits and blazers have become a staple of corporate attire for many women across the country for years and years now. While they are at times mandatory office attire, the groundbreaking peak of terno fashion is causing many Filipino women to revamp their styles. Soon enough, closets once filled with American-style clothing will be replaced with modern Filipiniana designs as women recognize the power and confidence it gives.


Recreating the Modern Woman

business woman

Way back in time, a certain number of Filipinos would argue that Western or Hispanic outfits are more suitable for work due to practicality. Today, many younger designers are taking the opportunity to modernize and recreate the Maria Clara dress. These designers have thoughts of ways to reduce the dramatic structure of the entire dress to turn it into convenient office wear that is both regal and authoritative.

The wide butterfly sleeves were transformed into puff sleeves or smaller butterfly sleeves to make it easier to move around. Panuelos are now called shawls with thinner fabric to make it more suitable for the tropical weather of the country. Voluminous skirts with long trains dragged across the floor are now shorter hemlines and high-low skirts that can be worn day in and day out. Festive designs and vibrant colors of ethnic print turned into a combination of local floral prints with subtle embellishments of tribal prints. The Maria Clara dress has never been this chic, contemporary, or powerful.


Key Takeaway

The history of women’s workwear tightly grips a unique story about the life events that occurred which altered the roles of women over the years. Women used to power dress in the 1970s by dressing up as men. It caused them to feel empowered in a patriarchal society. With the diverse style of local modern Filipiniana for sale now, you can be eloquent and feminine at the same time. Conquer the world as the true Filipina you are through power dressing.

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