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How to Effectively Dress Queer in the Office

by joshMarch 7, 2020
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What are the ways to dress queer in the office?

  1. Go For Neutral Colors
  2. Learn Accent Colors
  3. Accessorize Minimally
  4. Plan Your Outfits Ahead


Everybody has their own personal style. Regardless of your gender identity, there is no one certain way to dress queer. In the corporate world, you might feel obliged to dress feminine or masculine to fulfill societal standards of masculinity and feminity. But, there are a few things you can do to avoid having to justify your style to others. From skipping the vibrant and quirky colors for neutral ones to planning your outfits ahead, here is a basic guide on how to dress queer in the office that you can follow to look professional at work.


Go For Neutral Colors

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Blue, grey, white, khaki, and black are serious colors that mean business in the corporate setting. If you wish to wear the colors of the LGBTQ flags, make sure to use bold colors as accents and focus on the professional ones mentioned.

In the Trans Pride flag, wherein the colors blue, pink, and white are seen, the non-binary individuals are represented by the white in the middle. The color white is associated with purity and innocence. For the LGBT community, it symbolizes binarism. White represents a lack of gender.

The Non-binary flag consists of yellow, white, purple, and black. White represents people who believe in binarism, but having multiple genders remains within the scope. Black, on the other hand, is for agender individuals. These are the ones who refuse to have a gender, meaning genderless.

Black and white are commonly used colors in business settings. The Zaela lady barong is a timeless and classic piece of clothing that passes the professional standard while at the same time allowing your queer style to exude. Add character and incorporate your own personal style by accenting your outfit with a pop of colors which leads you to the next tip.


Learn Accent Colors

The accent color, as the term suggests, is a particular color in the analogous and complementary wheel used to emphasize in a scheme. In terms of fashion, these accent colors breathe rhythm into an all-neutral colored outfit. Here are some of the colors that you can only use as an accent to balance your neutrals.


In the corporate setting, orange is a color associated with stimulation and enthusiasm. It is closely related to red but it is more yellow on the spectrum of visible light. While the orange color is not as aggressive as the color red, it attracts attention. With that, wear orange accessories like a floral brooch, as a headdress, or bracelet.


In color psychology, purple is a color associated with royalty and luxury. However, it is also perceived as a color symbol for fakery and insincerity since it is a popular color choice for performing magic. Due to this, purple accessories should be worn with confidence. Make sure you can walk the talk when wearing purple! For subtle additions to your corporate outfit, wear a purple patterned scarf, tie, or socks.


Among all the shades and hues in the color wheel, yellow is the most ideal representation of happiness. To prevent looking like a ball of sunshine as you walk down the street, use yellow as subtly as you can. A pop of yellow in the form of earrings, scarves, or even bags should enhance your queer outfit.


Accessorize Minimally

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When accessorizing for work, always remember the mantra “less is more”. Wearing too many accessories like layers of necklaces, arm parties, and plenty of rings can make you look gaudy. Use accessories only to punctuate your professional queer style. Take note of the finishes on the jewelry pieces. Sometimes, your overall style is affected by the material of the jewelry, whether it is shiny or matte.

If your top has a jewel neckline like the Elvira blouse, it is unnecessary to wear necklaces. Instead, go for dainty cuffs on one wrist and a statement watch on the other. Of course, pearls or studs for earrings are great options. When choosing your accessories, you must consider the collar, sleeves, and even the cuffs of your top. If you are wearing long sleeves, make sure to put your armbands and watch on top of the cuffs. Otherwise, there is no point in wearing accessories because they are being covered.


Plan Your Outfits Ahead

When you plan your outfits, you only need to remember three things: mix and match, pay attention to patterns, and start with the basics. Mix and match a pair of unexpected textures with a basic or patterned piece. Creating and pairing pieces for a week might make you realize the clothes that do not make it into the rotation. With that, you must start with the basics. Separate the main clothing pieces that you never miss wearing to work. Work your way down to the barely used.

Another way to go about your outfit planning is to know the duration of time wherein you can create outfits without repetition. The main benefit of planning ahead is avoiding the hassle of picking clothes the day you need it.


Key Takeaway

Follow these professional queer dressing tips to make you look upright and ready to talk business. You can always keep your queer style while following the formal business outfit code. Regardless of whether you wish to wear a suit or a dress, the best way to dress queer is to wear your personality to work. Leave the quirky stuff to casual days and special occasions. Let the people around you know that your outfits define you and you mean business.

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