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How to Dress Your Mestiza Blazer This Holiday Season

by joshDecember 9, 2019
woman wearing white translucent blazer on red background

How do you dress up in a blazer for the holidays?

  1. On Strapless Dresses
  2. For Basic Tees
  3. Matching Prints on Prints
  4. Blazer as a Top
  5. For Dressing Up an Outfit


Blazers are known for their sharp and bold features that can make any outfit look formal. How would you feel if there are blazers out there that can be worn to dress up and dress down an outfit?

Yes, you read that right. Mestiza blazers are inspired by the Maria Clara dress or locally known as a handmade Filipiniana. Impress your relatives, especially your grandparents, by pairing a mestiza blazer with your modern-inspired outfit for next Christmas’ family get-together.


On Strapless Dresses

Woman wearing white translucent blazer black pants and high heeled boots

Considering the cold weather during the holiday season, it is nice to throw over a piece of clothing on top of your Christmas strapless outfit. If you want a coverup that will not entirely steal the scene, a short-sleeved or ¾-sleeved blazer will do just the trick.

If the weather is not too cold and you just want to cover your shoulders, you can find organza-made blazers that are meant for a cloudy day. Regardless of the style and fabric of the dress you are wearing, you will surely find a mestiza blazer that will match or coordinate with it.

Take note, mestiza blazers are like boleros. They can make your torso look shorter. If you are wearing a dress with a low waistline, make sure to obtain a bolero that will sit on top of the waistband. Tygie’s Rachelle blazer is made of see-through organza which can conceal some of your skin without covering your entire outfit.


For Basic Tees

If you are looking for an accessory to throw on top of a basic and plain tee, denim or bomber jackets often come to mind first. Take a break from those rugged jackets and sport a blazer instead.

A blazer will give you a hint of formality that is perfect for holiday dinners with the family at a hotel restaurant or a function hall. Stay warm, comfortable, and stylish at the same time in a blazer that will surely dress up a basic tee.

A cocoon-made sleeveless blazer that extends up to the thighs is a great clothing garment that can make your plain tee look fashion-forward and comfortable. The blazer is cream-colored which suits any of the Holiday colors of green, white, and even blue.

For the upcoming Christmas dinner celebrations, wear that basic red tee of yours that has been hanging around in your closet waiting for the right occasion and throw over a cocoon-made blazer to step up your entire outfit.


Matching Prints on Prints

woman with blonde hair wearing black printed blazer and black striped pants

Patterned and printed outfits are some of the staple pieces found in a preppy wardrobe. Patterns and prints are considered bold and often tricky to style. While fashion allows you to express yourself, knowing how to mix prints allows you to look more stylish.

The easiest way to mix prints is to simply replace a solid colored top or outfit with a monochromatic pattern in the same color as the blazer. If you have mastered the basic print on print look, move forward to the intermediate level of mixing colors. Try replacing a colored top with a similar colored polka dot or asymmetric top.

Finally, add a third pattern after you have mastered coordinating two patterns with on color or under the same shade. It can either be monochromatic or a neutral pattern.

Moreover, try an Aztec-printed, ¾ length sleeved blazer for easy print coordination. A black Habi-made blazer is suited to dark-colored tops and bottoms or dresses commonly worn for night parties.

Next time you have an evening get-together, sporting a dark blazer will make you look party-ready!


Blazer as a Top

Blazers can be used as a top with a tube or with skin tone body shaping as an undergarment. There are plenty of ways to style a blazer as it is. You can either overlap and embellish with a brooch at the part wherein buttons are typically sewn or stitch velcros for a cleaner look.

Since blazers are visually similar to the structure of a cropped bolero, wearing an empire waist bottoms will conceal some of your skin. Your empire waist bottom can be a skirt or bell-bottoms to amplify your curves. If your mestiza blazer is designed to look modern, simply buttoning it up will hide your skin.


For Dressing Up an Outfit

If you are attending a Christmas dinner gathering at a formal setting, dressing up with a blazer is a breeze. Blazers are generally worn for formal events.

For a more festive look, throw in a printed organza-made blazer with short butterfly sleeves that resemble the traditional Maria Clara terno. Impress your grandparents and traditional relatives with a blazer on top of your modern dress. Moreover, keep warm and comfortable despite the cold temperature indoors as well as the chilly weather outdoors.


Key Takeaway

If you are looking for unique ways to style dresses and basic tees, try styling them with a hand-made Filipiniana blazer that promotes local culture and weavers. Your organza or cocoon-made mestiza blazer will surely turn heads. Be ahead of the trend and revive the classic and undying character of the Maria Clara dress by sporting a mestiza blazer on top of your dress or basic outfit.

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