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Must-Have Items For a Casual Androgynous-Chic Wardrobe

by joshFebruary 21, 2020
androgynous woman

What are some must-have casual androgynous-chic wardrobe items?

  1. Masculine Wrist Watch
  2. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
  3. Corduroy Pants
  4. Oxford Shoes and Brogues
  5. Blazers and Suit Jackets
  6. Silk Blouse
  7. Androgynous Hat


Find your own androgynous style with our simple and straightforward casual androgynous wardrobe guide. Take inspiration from actress Diane Keaton and famous Australian model Ruby Rose. Fill your wardrobe with the right androgynous chic items like a masculine wristwatch, plenty of cabbies or newsboy hats and pairs of brogues. Read on to learn how to achieve the tomboyish look you’ve always wanted.


Masculine Wrist Watch

For those who dislike accessorizing, a watch should do the trick to avoid looking bare. From the strap down to the dials and weight, a simple masculine watch already changes the entire feel of your androgynous ensemble.

Women’s watches are definitely distinct from men’s watches. Almost all masculine watches are made with thick and less delicate straps as well as intricate dials. Whether you opt for chain-strap over leather, minimalist or edgy, there is surely a masculine watch for you.

The classic timepiece remains one of the best investments to make when it comes to androgynous-chic wardrobe-essentials. Look for watch brands that offer sporty and formal timepieces.


Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

ripped jeans

Boyfriend cut or ripped boyfriend jeans have become a closet essential for queer and feminine styles alike. They are more relaxed and loose compared to a pair of skinny jeans. Mix the feminine items with a butch ensemble by replacing corduroy and slacks with ripped boyfriend jeans.

For the perfect androgynous look, opt for well-fitted bottoms instead of baggy jeans. Going for baggy cuts emphasizes large legs in an unflattering way. The best way to hide heavy thighs is to obtain boyfriend jeans that snugly fit the hips. It should fall nicely in a straight line from the hips down to the hem.


Corduroy Pants

While the fashion world keeps evoking new trends every day, there are still pieces that emerge from the past much like the corduroy pants. For a ’90s grunge vibe look, replace colored denim with corduroy pants. The pants are perfect to be worn in the office or at any formal event. As long as they are categorized under formal fittings, they can still be worn during laid back or casual events.

When wearing corduroy pants, make sure to treat them as if they were patterned. With that, go for quieter, laidback wardrobe staples to tone down the look.


Oxford Shoes or Brogues

oxford shoes

Just like how Annie Hall wore it, slip on a pair of oxford shoes for a masculine yet feminine look. Indeed, there is something dapper and classic about the Oxfords. Choose from a variety of closed-lace oxfords for formal and smart casual.

As the fashion world begins to accept the androgynous style, more and more oxfords are now created to give a nod to feminine elegance. Women’s oxfords come in a richer blend of colors and have slightly taller heels than men’s.

Brogues and oxford shoes boast universality when it comes to women’s fashion. Plenty of garments and items in the wardrobe are compatible with the footwear. Indeed, these types of shoes add a touch of stylish androgyny to girls’ outfits.


Blazers Suit Jackets

woman wearing turquoise blazer

Suit jackets and blazers in the men’s department can come off as boxy and too masculine for the look you are going for. Double-breasted suits, on the other hand, can be suitable for those with wide hips as it can bring out the body’s natural body shape.

If you are going for the boxy jacket, go for those with bright colors and patterns. This can deter the entirely masculine look. If you find yourself left with no choice, opting for a women’s blazer should still allow you to achieve the androgynous look except a little more feminine. Apart from boxy blazers that are extremely masculine, shrunken, boyfriends, and cropped blazers deliver different effects on the entire androgynous ensemble.


Silk Blouse

Regardless of whether you are attending a formal event or a casual evening with your family and friends, going for silk blouses should make you feel cozy and comfortable. While silks naturally give a feminine silhouette, simply throwing over a vest or a blazer on top should give your outfit a masculine feel to it. Otherwise, get yourself organza-made blouses that are created with polyester and silk mixed textiles.


Androgynous Hat

woman holding big red hat and glass of wine

Pay homage to the androgyny queens like Janelle Monae by rocking masculine hats. From Fedoras to ranch hats, cabbies and trapper hats, top off your look with great headwear. Make sure to match your hat with the color of your belt and shoes if you are attending a formal event. Otherwise, be flamboyant and quirky by combining bright colors while applying the rules of color blocking.

Basically, use colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pair them together to create an interesting and complementary color combination.


Key Takeaway

Apply this casual androgynous wardrobe guide to find your own style. As you do, keep in mind that fashion remains however it is defined and how you incorporate your personality and taste to it. The most important part of fashion is how you carry yourself wearing ensembles. Feel poised being under those clothes and you will surely exude confidence.

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