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Why You Should Buy a Filipiniana Dress From Tygie

by joshNovember 29, 2019
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What are the reasons why you should buy a Filipiniana dress?

  1. Unique and Timeless Pieces
  2. Best and Quality Woven Materials
  3. Easy to Coordinate With Modern Pieces
  4. Easy to Care


Wondering where you can buy a Filipiniana dress? Tygie provides designer pieces wearable for everyday activities and supports local weavers in their business. Teodora Gonzales’ Tygie offers barong Tagalog for women made of T’nalak made by the T’boli women and other wardrobe essentials made from Balud fabric woven by the Maranaos from Mindanao.

From excellent fabrics and materials to aesthetics and timeless silhouettes, here are some of the benefits of purchasing a piece from Tygie, a global leader in Filipiniana Wear.


Unique and Timeless Pieces

woman in black dress wearing shawl

The design and quality of modern Filipiniana by Tygie retain the classic and timeless image of traditional terno or baro’t saya. Alani Shawl and Angelie Bolero are some of the pieces that never go out of style no matter the ever-changing fashion trends in the Philippines. They remain the type of clothing that can be thrown on top of strappy tops or tube dresses.

Aside from the shawl and bolero pieces, the Arnie and Aladi Lady Barong made of cocoon and the side-slit Dani skirt made of Shantung fabric are also regal pieces that promote a modern with a traditional touch.


Best and Quality Woven Materials

Tygie proudly sources its fabric from local weavers around the Philippines. Noted sources of unique and tasteful fabrics are the provinces of Aklan, Iloilo, Antique, Vigan, and South Cotabato.

Tygie categorizes textiles into three: natural fibers, synthetic, and weaved with ethnic patterns.


Natural fibers

Piña cloth from Aklan and cocoon silk are highly-used fabrics. These are made from the fibers of pineapple leaves that are hand-extracted. The threads are then manually worked into a loom to make the fabric. Cocoon silk fabrics are made from the cocoon of silkworms. Another textured fabric is made of a mixture of 50% Piña and 50% cotton called Hinabue. Lastly, jusi comes from the fibers of butterfly cocoons.



Organza, Shantung, and Chiffon are some of the synthetic fabrics Tygie uses to create timeless, modern Filipiniana pieces. Most of the brand’s blouses and skirts are designed with the use of chiffon fabric for a flowy, lightweight feel.


Woven with ethnic patterns

Vigan in Ilocos Sur is best known as the center of Abel Iloco weaving. They use sagut or cotton yarn that comes from cotton plants. Moving to Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, the T’boli women would create T’nalak which Tygie uses for many of its lady barong pieces. The T’nalak patterns are bestowed on the T’boli women weavers through their dreams. Balud and cotton hablon are other exquisite and locally sourced fabrics used to create timeless pieces.

Since the weather in the Philippines is generally hot all throughout the year, the fabrics are designed and tailored into clothing pieces that are comfortable and breathable.


Easy to Coordinate With Modern Pieces

woman in black dress and jeans

Today’s modern Filipiniana is designed to coordinate with contemporary fashion pieces like rugged, acid-washed jeans and bandage skirts. Dresses and flowy bottoms are made to suit blazers for formal events, whereas shawls, boleros, and blazers serve as coverups for trendy spaghetti-strapped tops.

The colors Tygie uses are flexible to fit any kind of occasion and activity, from special events and celebrations or simply taking a stroll at the mall. The colors are perfect for the holidays as well as the summer season.


Easy to Care

Taking care of Tygie clothing pieces is easy and only requires a few household items: mild soap, a face towel, and a piece of white cloth. Take note, you must avoid machine washing the pieces. It only requires hand-washing and minimal scrubbing to clean the pieces.

For stubborn stains, you can use a face towel to rub the part. Hang dry the pieces to maintain the original color, texture, and shape. When ironing the pieces, you must put a piece of white cloth on top of delicate embellishments and laces to protect its design and structure.


Key Takeaway

Searching for online shops and where to buy Filipiniana dress? Check out Tygie for unique, timeless, and contemporary pieces of Lady Barong inspired by the Barong Tagalong created for men. Find pieces that best suit the type of occasion you are attending. Regardless of whether it is an office Christmas party or just a day at work, you will surely obtain a piece that will complete your wardrobe.


Support local brands! Teodora Gonzales’ Tygie is a global leader in Filipina Wear that promotes stewardship and innovation. The brand sources local fabrics to continue supporting women from different provinces in the Philippines.

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