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How To Accessorize A Filipiniana Outfit

by joshDecember 22, 2019
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What are some ways to accessorize a Filipiniana outfit?

  1. Abaca Clutch Bag
  2. Wooden Necklace
  3. Ethnic-printed Scarves
  4. Animal Print Resin Cuff
  5. Beach-inspired Earrings
  6. Beaded and Lacy Chokers


Have you ever wondered how some influencers and celebrity icons look stylish despite the simplicity of their outfits? If you think it is all about the designer brand they are wearing, you have to look again. The secret to looking fashionable in even the most basic clothing is mastering the art of accessorizing.

Accessorizing can make or break an outfit. The real challenge in accessorizing is finding the right size, color, detail, and structure of the piece. Since the modernization of Filipiniana dresses for sale in the Philippines, it is now easier to mix and match accessories. With that, here are some of the pieces that should complete your entire look.


Abaca Clutch Bag

Clutch bags with sling straps remain a great go-to bag for attending formal events like weddings and corporate functions. The Philippine fashion scene has localized the clutch bag trend through the use of ethnic abaca or rattan materials.

Clutch bags are now being handmade to be more versatile than ever. A lot of people are bringing it to the mall, at the beach, and even on special occasions. Locally-weaved abaca and rattan bags are dominating modern clutch bags because of their aesthetic looks.

Lady Barongs made of cocoon material such as the Aviona Lady Barong or a Hinabue-made Cali dress can be accessorized with an abaca clutch bag with tan or taupe-finish on hand.


Wooden Necklace

bag of accessories and wooden necklaces

If you are wearing a round-neck lady barong or an off-shoulder cocoon dress, putting on a wooden necklace presents a care-free way of accessorizing. It instantly adds character to the bare neck and simple details of the top or dress.

A humble-sized wooden necklace blends well with intricate details of lace, beads, and metallic embroideries. There are plenty of wooden necklaces you can use. Some have beaded straps, while others make use of silver chains for a contemporary effect.

Regardless of whether you like it more modern or ethnic, a wooden pendant in any form and shape can top off your entire outfit. Obtain a locally made wooden necklace and see the difference it can make with the outfit.


Ethnic-printed Scarves

While it might not be ideal to wear a scarf in a tropical country, there are plenty of ways to use it as an accessory. You can fold it into a triangular shawl and tie it around your neck, use it as a twilly, or put it on as a headdress.

The best thing about scarves is it can be used to fix a bad hair day or coverup during the colder season.


Animal Print Resin Cuffs

women with bracelets holding hands

Cuffs are like bangles. They both come in wide or narrow shapes. The only distinct difference between the two is that cuffs are C-shaped bracelets, whereas bangles are O-shaped.

Cuffs make a great accessory, especially if you are not in the mood to wear a watch. Often, cuffs are worn with other bracelets to create an arm party. Chains and beads are materials that blend well with the strong aesthetic feature of a cuff. Wear a cuff with long-sleeved cocoon lady barongs or an A-line organza dress.


Beach-inspired Earrings

Bring the beach vibe to the city and sport a pair of shell dangling earrings to accessorize your Filipiniana outfit. Take note of the golden rule in accessorizing: if you are wearing big earrings, make sure to pair it with minimal neck and arm pieces.

Pearl earrings greatly accentuate a lady barong dress. It gives off a regal yet fashionable look. When matching your earrings with an outfit, make sure to consider the intricate and lace details of the Filipiniana.


Beaded and Lacy Chokers

Sensual portrait of beautiful hipster black girl with short hair

Chokers are typically worn to accessorize outfits with low necklines like a Hinabue-made lacey midi dress with pop sleeves. Finding the right choker can be quite tricky. You want to look gorgeous without having to feel uncomfortable. Avoid lacey or fringe-type chokers that can cause a rash around your neck. More importantly, make sure to find elegant yet chic-looking ones to maintain the class of your Filipiniana outfit.


Key Takeaway

If you are looking for ways to accessorize yet dress your Filipiniana dress a notch down, always go back to the basics. Instead of going for flamboyant and large earrings, wear humble-sized pearls. You will be surprised by the effect of simple accessorizing. Finally, consider the event you are attending or the activities you will be doing for the day. They should dictate the type of accessories you must wear to complement your Filipiniana dress.

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